About us

MOD Interiors is a perspective Spanish brand that creates furniture in a modern style for living spaces in which there is nothing superfluous.

Our models developed by creative designers – Kitlab Design (Hong Kong) are distinguished by interesting shapes and convenient design. Furniture production takes into account the most relevant interior and fashion trends. This furniture resonates well with a modern audience which is interested in creative and stylish interior design.

Furniture from MOD Interiors is characterized by straight lines and clear shapes, a design uses a neutral color palette.

Advantages of the MOD Interiors brand:

  • Modern furniture for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms
  • 6 original collections developed by creative Kitlab Design (Hong Kong)
  • Production is located in the economically developed region of China, on the border with Hong Kong
  • Products certified for sale in Europe and North America
  • Quality control at all stages of production and logistics
  • 24 months warranty on all furniture
  • Warehouse program

For the manufacture of furniture high quality materials are used:

  • High density MDF class E1 (New Zealand)
  • Eco-friendly fabrics and eco-leather
  • Natural solid wood for the manufacture of legs of beds and tables
  • Veneers: walnut, oak and ebony. Veneer thickness - 0.8 mm. Production: North America

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